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Aug. 19th, 2006 | 02:39 pm
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posted by: yomitsukuni in yyhnoheart

Who: Karasu & Yomi
What: Karasu's Revival
When: A week or so before Genkai's funeral.
Where: Yomi's palace in Gandara, in Makai
Summary: Yomi "ressurrects" Karasu to get the scoop on Kurama. The two have a pleasant dinner and a little tea party. Fine, so that last bit was a lie; but the mental image is fun, ne?

Yomi paced the laboratory, turning his head in the direction of the scientist as though to glare. This was taking far too long. He had found Karasu's mask next to the plant Kurama turned him into, and he could feel the man's spirit lingering within it.

He had brought it back to Gandara immediately, and called up a magicks specialist that he had heard could call spirits into certain bodies/objects. They had extracted DNA from the mask, much like how he had grown Shura from his own DNA, and grown a new body for him. He had heard that this demon knew Kurama, and he planned on getting any and all information that he knew.

It had taken many days to grow the body to a proper age/size, and now the scientist was taking his time summoning the spirit from the mask and into the body. It was really starting to get on his nerves. The goat demon paced some more, teeth gritting unpleasantly.

The scientist, meanwhile, mumbled away with his silly little incantation. "E lymm ibuh dra cbened uv Karasu yht kieta res ehdu rec haf puto. E lymm ibuh dra cbened uv Karasu yht kieta res ehdu rec haf puto. E lymm ibuh dra cbened uv Karasu yht kieta res ehdu rec haf puto. LUSA! LUSA!"

The mask began to shake on the table, and though Yomi couldn't see it, he could send the faint trace of Karasu growing stronger and stronger; he assumed it would be glowing by now.

The mask began to pulse at the beginning of the incantations. At first, only a pulsing white, but as the intensity grew and the room began to crackle with magick, the mask began to throb red, then white, and finally a searing violet light that flew up from the mask, throwing itself into the body Yomi had so effortlessly constructed.

Hair lengthened, flowing about the form as a forceful wind began to spin about the room. White arms were lifted upwards, lips parting, and... within a few moments those eyes opened, glowing with an intense, seething violet flame. The howling, violent wind began to clam as the being turned, hands out to balance himself. Unsteady arms reached out, and the Crow braced himself against the wall, looking around with an almost... uncertain look.

Where was he...? What... was going on? He had died... hadn't he?

Yomi heard the faint creaking of his joints as Karasu stood and moved, and a small, almost invisible smile curved his lips. "You're alive, then?"

The scientist, knowing his job was done, quickly scurried out of the room with his book. One powerful demon in the room was enough to pee his pants-- and he was quite sure he did when Yomi had growled his frustration while pacing-- but two? Two made him wish he could curl up and die without pain.

Unsteadily, the Crow turned to study the imposing figure before him, those lilac hues darkening a little in admiration, washing over the figure before meeting those closed eyes. Was the.... Goat demon blind?

"Yes...." he murmured softly, his voice soft and rusty, but still showing a trace of that silken tone.

"Ah, I apologize for my rudeness. I know you and yet, you don't seem to know me. I'm Yomi, ruler of Gandara and a third of Makai. You'll find clothes on the table beside you; you needn't worry about my seeing you. I'm quite blind."

Yomi inclined his head very slightly instead of bowing. It wasn't any more than neccessary not to seem rude; after all, he was of a much higher status than Karasu. Any more and he'd have been demeaning himself.

He didn't reply right away, merely moving towards the clothing, testing the fabric. Finding it to his liking, the demon slid into the dark garments, tugging them this way and that until they fit comfortably over his lean frame. Eyes rose once more, and he moved forward to lift up his beloved mask, pressing it to his cheek as he watched the blond lord.

"Yomi...." he breathed softly, a faint chuckle welling up.

"Well now.... what.... has happened to me...?"

Yomi heard the fabric against the other demon's skin, and when it stopped, his name was practically whispered. "Hmm? I thought it obvious. You've been ressurrected, Karasu. I believe the better question is 'Why'..?"

He gave a mildly dark smile and closed in on Karasu, long strides almost completely silent on the stone floor.

But why....? That was the unasked question. And as the other closed in on him, he failed to step back, gazing at the taller creature boldly, his stance making his calmness known. Normally a tempermental creature... Karasu was caught enough that he was curious.

"What use would a Lord of the Makai have for me...?" he purred, bringing one pale hand up to his own hair, stroking the glossy strands with a silent air of familiarity.

Yomi stopped a foot from Karasu, tilting his head to the side, as though in thought. "Hm. Why indeed~ I believe you knew a one Youko Kura-- no, just Kurama now. Am I correct?"

"Kurama...." he purred the name, nearly hissing as those bittersweet memories resurfaced, his soul having provided the needed link from body to mind to heart. Those eyes slid over Yomi once more as he looked at the demon so... close to him. Normally, unless he initiated, the Crow despised close contact.

Yomi smirked. Good, remember. He could sense the discomfort Karasu had with Yomi being so close to him, and took half a step more, leaning down slightly.

"I ressurrected you for a little... truce? You give me all the information that you have on Kurama and his whereabouts, while... well, you've already recieved your end. I can just as easily take you out of that body as I put you in it. But let's not waste that bag of skin, shall we? It took quite a while to grow it, and I'd rather not have to waste that time spent."

He held out his hand, which practically poked Karasu in the chest, and tilted his head to the other side. "Do we have a deal?"

Boldly the Crow pressed forward, the demon's hand aligning with his chest. Proud as he was, he wouldn't let anyone fully control him again. "I can tell you... absolutely everything...." he replied in a sadistic purr, imagining once more that vision of red, that pale form of beauty and strength...

Yomi could feel the defined chest beneath his sensitive fingertips, and he slowly pulled his hand back. "I'm glad to hear it. But I would assume you're hungry. Perhaps, join me for dinner?"

It was a simple request. Yomi never was one to be unkind to any guests or visitors, unless said guests/visitors decided to try and take his life. Then they were dinner.

"I would be delighted..." he replied, stepping back, fixing his coat with elegant white hands. He... couldn't stop stealing glances at himself, relief shining in his eyes. He was alive again. Alive and.... aligned with someone powerful... and interested in his soon to be pet....

Yomi smiled, then turned on his heel and walked off. "Follow me, then. Quarters have already been prepared for you, should you wish to stay within the castle."

He led Karasu to an elevator, which would take them to the top floor-- Yomi's personal quarters. Karasu would be situated in a guest room two floors below that, as the castle stood an impressive seven floors high.

He followed in silence, making note of everything around him, all that he could see and be around... all that he might need at another time. "Impressive home... Lord.... Yomi..." he said quietly as he stepped forth, behind, and to the side of the imposing Goat Demon.

"I designed it myself. Every last nook and cranny. I must admit, I'm very proud of it whenever people compliment it. I cannot look upon it with my own eyes, but I trust the judgement of others."

He was aware that Karasu was looking all around; in a way it pleased him, but in another way, it told him that Karasu was memorizing everything should he ever need to run away and escape. He could feel the heat of his eyes as they turned about, taking in his surroundings.

Eyes that memorized and learned... and yet also appreciated. The sincerity in Yomi's voice was detected; yes, the creature was quite proud of his home. He chuckled softly, no disrespect meant as he spoke once more, stopping before a large window, gazing out with some surprise. It was... a far cry from anything he had seen in a long time...

"So are we to be partners then? In terms of equality?"

"I was certainly hoping you'd ask. Would you mind?" Yomi stopped and took up a position before the window as well, to the left of Karasu. To any passerby, Karasu would appear to be Yomi's right-hand man.

The ruler of Gandara wondered if that was such a bad image.

He pressed a hand to the glass, staring downward.

"I have no problem with any alliance that benefits me..." after all, he'd been an indentured servant to Toguro... anything that offered a measure of freedom and power was to be tasted and craved. And with the other standing at his side in such a manner... well... he was wary of the tall demon... but not afraid... and infinitely curious.

"You seem curious. Is there something you want to ask?" No, Yomi didn't get into peoples' heads, but he knew what sort of look he was getting and he had been getting a curious look from Karasu for quite some time now.

"You're an interesting creature... Yomi-sama..." he replied with a chuckle, sliding his hands through his hair to once more buckle that mask over his lips, needing that familiar weight to relieve his feelings.

"As are you, Karasu. You're one of very few demons that can stand before me and laugh." He hadn't really been able to find extensive data on Karasu, but he wondered just what that mask was meant for.

"You're an imposing figure, Yomi-sama.... but in my life... there is little-- if anything-- I fear anymore... the worst you could do.... on most levels, is find a creative, slow way to kill me..."

"That's an honorable trait. You're right on that, though. I just recently finished off someone I had been torturing for over five hundred years. It... left a bitter aftertaste. He must have been relieved though."

Yomi glanced out the window sightlessly, taking in the view he couldn't reflect upon. It seemed a much more lonely existance without the constant presence of the assassin that stole his light.

"You aren't the first to find creative ways to slaughter someone..." he mused, running his palm over the glass, fingers trailing the smooth lines gently, tapping lightly in thought as he stared at the magnificent view. Once more, images of Kurama danced in his mind, his smile curving upwards. Oh yes.... he could offer Yomi a great deal of information...

Yomi took one last "glance" out the window and then turned away. "Well then, shall we continue on? The dining room is just at the end of this hall."

He could, naturally, already smell the food and assumed by the strength of it, that everything had been set on the table already.

Karasu said nothing except an escaping, mused sigh as he sauntered after the Makai lord. Yes.... he was rather fortunate... to have been found by this creature. Yomi seemed to be a ruthless creature... but one who would treat him fairly so long as he gained benefit as well...

Yomi entered the dining room and heard the last servant scurrying off through the kitchen doors. They must have been setting a second place upon hearing Karasu arriving with Yomi.

"Please, have a seat and help yourself. Have they set out another dining set for you already, or should I call for a servant?"

"No... it has already been set..." he assured the other, the hand moving, threading upwards through his hair to unbuckle the mask with a practiced ease as he moved to the table, waiting for Yomi's next move before doing something himself. It appeared the Crow had rather impeccable manners for a murderer and stalker....

Yomi nodded in Karasu's direction. "Good; they're starting to learn to set the table when a guest is anticipated."

The raven-haired goat demon sat himself at the head of the table, aware of Karasu's polite standing beside his seat. He motioned for the crow demon to sit and gave a smirk. "I don't suppose there's anything on this table you won't eat? I can always have something else prepared."

"No... this is sufficient... very much so." He murmured as he took a seat in the place where the setting indicated, his elegant form flowing downwards as he gazed at the meal in appreciation. Even fresh fruits, sliced and set out... that would come last for the crow, who's attention turned to the meats with an upwards smirk. He needed... to regain his energy...

"Very well then. I'm glad to hear it. Let us eat, then, and we shall discuss matters after we're done."

The ruler began to meticulously maneuver the loaded-down table as he filled his plate, leaving one to wonder if he were really blind or not. When he finished, he waited silently for Karasu to finish filling his own plate, as well. It was only polite.

Karasu took small amounts of what he saw, preferring not to load himself on anything. While meticulous... he did eat somewhat like a bird in superstition. Settling himself once more, he waited for Yomi's encouragements to eat... after all... he was a guest.

Yomi took the first bite of a Ningen roast dish, which was rather tasty for not being... well, demonic, in any way. He motioned for Karasu with a smile, to go ahead and eat.

Maybe it was a bad, lingering habit from his bandit days, but he always tended to eat rather fast, and he'd perfected it so it didn't look messy at all. He was very meticulous and quiet about it. Small talk was a must, though, at any dinner table. "How's the body doing for you? No problems, I suspect?"

"It appears to work fine... actaully..." The first few bites taken, the softest of exhalations of pleasure. Karasu had always been a creature of passions and pleasures... and food was a pleasure in itself. Good food could be just as good as other things... especially when one had been dead for so long...

"Good. We've never actually created a body without a spirit before, so it's rather new territory. An experiment to go into the books for certain." Yomi gave a small smile and ate the last few bites on his plate, then drank some of the pre-poured wine that waited in a crystal goblet to the right upper end of his plate.

He had finished eating a few minutes sooner than usual-- as it only took him some eight or nine minutes to eat a whole plate of food-- probably due to his eagerness to discuss their subject.

Karasu ate slower, but was more apt to converse in between bites than most. Not to mention... he was in debt to Yomi... and the fact that the other wasn't unattractive rather helped his mood.

Yomi looked up, knowing that he was still eating but figured he'd ask anyways. "So anyways; what exactly do you know of Kurama? How'd you meet him?"

He almost began to chuckle then. "I tried to kill him..." he murmured, lifting one white hand to push his hair from his face, the strands... surprisingly longer than his own hair had been before, if only a little.

"He survived, apparently. And he killed you." A simple statement, yet true. Yomi "glanced" at Karasu and waved a hand dismissively. "I know the basics. But do you know where he lives? Anything like that?"

"I found out a great deal about him during the Ankoku Bujutsukai... moreso than anyone could give credit for." Karasu was meticulous with his obsessions. He would find out their daily routines, loved ones, habits, likes and dislikes...

"Good, good. Let's get down to business then..." Yomi crossed one leg over the other elegantly, his long fingers clasped together in his lap as he smirked.

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