The Heart of Yu Yu Hakusho

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First off, I would like to say that this is an RP for serious roleplayers. It's not going to be overly filled with crack or anything of the sort. If you want a place to bang out full plots in a canon world, this is the RP for you. If you just want to joke around with a bunch of friends, this is certainly not what you are looking for.

Premise: This is a free-for-all canon YYH RP taking place after the end of the Makai Tournament. Free-for-all means all plots and relationships welcome! The main focus of the RP will be to make your character a "whole person". This means that instead of just playing the character in perfect canon, give them likes and dislikes, wants and needs. Does your character like weird punk music? Do they have the uncontrollable urge to scarf chips every time they hear a bell? So long as it's within the IC realm of your character, you're free to explore it!

RPing can take place in two ways. One is through LJ, the other is through AIM. All I ask is when you AIM RP with someone, you stay in character, and save the log to post on a journal that will be created for that purpose.

Basically, any plot is allowed that doesn't break the basic RP rules (godmoding, etc). Any relationship that has clear, IC development is also allowed.

If you would like to join, please reply to the entry provided with this application:

Sub or Dub?
Character history (if not much is known about them):
Sample RP (first or third person):

Send all questions to artforthou@yahoo.com please!

Okies, I've decided to let anyone who doesn't know in on basic RP rules.

Here is an example:

Yusuke: I saw Yukina today and she looked so totally amazing. I just had to kiss her. She kissed me back and it was the awesomest thing in the world. Then Kuwabara came and saw us and killed off Yukina and then admitted he really loved me and we did naughty things all night long...etc.


It's JUST A GAME. If you have a problem, talk to me. Don't let it build up and burst cause then you'll probably be booted. I have no tolerance for people who get angry over something done in a game. Be nice to each other and try to voice questions politely.


If you give it, you'll receive it.


That means every seven days, people.

5) IC/=OOC

Just because someone's character hates yours doesn't mean they hate you. Make sure you know the difference.

For those wanting to create homosexual pairings: In Japan, it is a big deal for a young boy or girl to realize they are homosexual. Most likely, they will fight with themselves and try to convince themselves otherwise. Please reflect this hardship in your RPing. Not everyone is tolerant.

Just to be cool, I've also added a date system for the Makai. Every day I will announce the new Makai date, for the residents that live there. After all, it is an entirely new world.

Bestiary also to come soon.

Taken Characters:

Reikai Tantei
Urameshi Yusuke: annon_umibe
Kuwabara Kazuma: jicchoku
Hiei: toberu_kage
Kurama: shuichiminamino

Friends and Family of the Reikai Tantei

Botan: oar_girl
Koenma: kikoushi_mikoto
Yukina: tsumetaiheki
Kuwabara Shizuru: sisoftheape
Yukimura Keiko: open
Genkai: DEAD/Unplayable

Ankoku Bujutsukai

Touya: juyo_tsukai
Jin: windmasta
Chuu: open
Rinku: open
Shishiwakamaru: open
Suzuki: open
Koto: open
Juri: open

Makai Tournament

Yomi: yomitsukuni
Mukuro: open


Toguro Otouto: open
Toguro Aniki: open
Karasu: vanity_sadistic
Sensui Shinobu: open
Itsuki: open

Also, anyone not written here is open.

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